In Awe of Naomi Harm: How We Carry Our Trials Matters

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

We are given opportunities in life to learn from one another, and many times it is so easy to miss lessons right in front of us. Today, I am grateful for an interaction from the weekend that has impacted me on deep levels, and it comes from the humility of learning about someone's beautiful burden. My lips grew numb from the level of shock I sustained when I realized that back in Feb. 2016, this woman had been nearly two years into the storm, and I had no idea. I never took the time to learn about her. Never interacted with her in a way that would allow for me to see her as the person and not just the tech expert helping our staff.  I missed an opportunity to see what was right in front of me in a beautiful, strong, serving soul.

So, I am honoring Naomi Harm today in this post for her strength, class, determination, and her heart. For her ability to get it done despite the life trauma. For her intense focus on family and the way she and her husband have devoted their lives to balancing work and life. This is a wake up call for me, and as my readers know I believe in its purpose and timing.

Many of you likely know about @NaomiHarm from her professional work. She has been leading the way and absolutely rocking the EdTech world for years! Recently, she has taken the leap to build her own company, Innovative Educator Consulting, and this group is going to move mountains. Her collaborative mission will no doubt have an impact on schools, and her mission is focused on building women leaders, which has my own heart pumping with excitement.

What you may not know is what an inspiring, honorable, and strong woman Naomi is beyond what we all see from her keynotes, blog, and professional work. Consider taking a minute to read about her son, Jake Harm, and the commitment that she and her husband Jeff have made to joining together in strength and unity to provide their son with the best opportunity to reinvent himself after an accident that occurred in April 2014 while he was on active duty in the US Army in Texas. You will see that there is much progress four years after that accident, and in their story lies such grace, perseverance, and love, my hands shake with admiration as I type.  Naomi has easily catapulted into the top category of awe-inspiring people God has gifted me in this life.

I am certain that Naomi will be able to use this life trial in a way that will honor Jake, her husband, their loving sacrifices and missions, AND people around the world. #WeLoveJakeHarm is going to help to unveil to educators the beautiful struggle found in working with students with traumatic brain injury, offer inspiration for living a life poured out as a parent, and for leading the way through trial.

Keep an eye on Naomi, ladies and gentlemen. The layer beneath that incredible surface is even more powerful and the world will be blessed by her heart, lessons she has gained, and her personal and professional strengths. #RISE


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