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My Day Off--That Ended Up Being On

It began just as the previous 748 days have with an energizing run in the beautiful nature in which I live in Northwest WI. After getting ready in my #SpoonerProud shirt and jeans, I snuggled my girls. Got their breakfast. Kissed their cheeks and hugged their little bodies tight...and headed to the office.  Summer hours at our school are supposed to mean Fridays off in July. However, as many building principals know, the minutes in each day of this time of year really need to count. So I worked. I did the minutia of paperwork, caught up on email. For my few hours worth of office hours, I was able to complete communication I had been sitting on for weeks, namely a link to connect to Remind for my staff. This may seem minor, but it's huge for me.  This was my day off, so at 1:30 p.m., I packed up and headed to the county fair to meet my children. I rode the Tilta-a-Whirl. Twice. Engaged with a staff member whose daughter shows at the fair and asked her to be a mentor for staff