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The Surprising Way Running is Tied to #RISE

Have you ever looked back on a decision with the clarity of current wisdom and felt the downward curve of your spine as your head bows in shame? Often such moments come out of an epiphany or revelation brought upon quickly, but sometimes they manifest out of a slowly unveiling of a truth you were purposely avoiding. I had one of these exact moments this week, and the shame did not overwhelm me so much as embarrass me in its simplicity. I should have seen it a lot sooner. There is a lot uncertain in my life right now, and that is a product of a bold leap of faith to shift out of a comfortable space to a less certain and God driven dream. In public posts, I have written about the voice I am hearing and the messages I receive that have directed this peace-filled action. Reading those posts renew my spirit and help remind me of purpose in these weeks that have been challenging as I knew they would with such a long goodbye. The piece that has taken me by surprise though has been the sust

Shine on What We Love and Leave the Rest to Shadow

In these days of snow storms in April and massive upheaval in states due to low teacher wages, there is the potential to see more shadow than light right now.  We returned from "spring" break this week, and my deepest hope for restoration for my building tone was not exactly fulfilled. In truth, being bold and fearless continues to test my leadership and graceful resolve in these remaining days. The air inside the building feels just as cold as the blowing wind outside. That is just truth. Yet I still feel compelled to write tonight about the importance for us all to seek to be grateful in all storms. Because I genuinely believe it and feel it. Gratitude is about framing the context to see what we love and allowing the rest to recede to shadow.  So I had the unpleasant experience of a tough conversation that brought about deep pain with a staff member. It gave me an opportunity to share with that person just exactly how I see this person, which is an innovative, creative,