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The Numbers: Why Focus on Women in Leadership?

Part One of a Series on Women in Leadership: The numbers. Women in leadership. Is there really a need for focus on such a topic? After all, leaders are leaders. There is no difference. This is sentiment that I have run into in the course of my life (and idealistically wanted to embrace in one season) but especially in the past year since I have been raising my voice about the topic. Instead of living the daily reality of how different it actually is to be a woman in leadership in silence, I have begun to own the experiences and work through challenges while supporting other women in leadership. In this space, I am learning clearly a major purpose in my life will be to continue to learn and to teach masses. It is possible to see continued change in my lifetime. I can and will be part of this change. Before I launch in, let me clarify a few points since I know already some people reading this have their hackles all raised up in defense simply with the topic at hand.