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Survivor, Thriver, Faithfilled Plan Deviser

This week has been emotionally challenging and soul stirring, twisting even. More than I have felt in my adult life, there is a divide forming in my circles that is threatening the deep threads and strong tethers built in both my professional and personal life. I am seeing arguments break out on Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkdIn (not Instagram yet which I willingly attribute to it's chill factor and not my inept use of the platform.) This may because I am on these platforms more often with the nature of this chapter of my life, but something tells me I am not alone. Instead of using this post to share the grimy details of the week and the myriad interactions, I suffice it to say that this week has been a grind for restraint and perfecting the art of what I now call Tweet and Delete. I have to continually check myself about my own reactions and whether or not any contribution is productive and reflective of the leader I am called to be. In that statement lies the challenges I

Self Care Streak Challenge

As I sit to write this post, I am a bit antsy. I have not run today because my daughter is ill, and I am choosing priority over preference this morning. It means that while I absolutely prefer to run in the morning when the silence is most dominant, and the tone for the day is still mine to set, there is a priority that dominates over that preference. Today that priority is making service to others paramount even more than the average day. The challenge is keeping up the critical self-care streak that has helped me thrive through 1,535 other days preceding this one. After dancing with the intention of writing this post for months, I figured this was the perfect way to channel my anxious thoughts that have not been dispelled through the glory of an endorphin release. For readers who may not know, I have run every day since July 11, 2014. That means over four consecutive years of daily running through all weather figurative and literal in life. My nine year old was five. My nearly se