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Significance of 1300--Runstreak Wisdom

One hundred days ago, my running streak update was marked by epiphany and began a significant chapter in my life journey. The 1200th day of my running streak prompted some major steps that I have taken to become a better version of myself, and having that to look back has incredible value. Today was no different, fraught with significance and life journey lessons gifted in what many would consider to be monotony. My calling tonight is to couch my profound truths with a short post. Remember Gratitude The sheer ability to get out the door is what keeps my heart pumping with joy regardless of the route, number of miles, or amount of time allotted. These months with no training plan have only one motivation tied to them. For as long as I can and because I can, I will run. Thank God for the grace to allow my body to keep at it. Growth Is Always Possible When this streak began, I was using the running as an escape. A punishment even. There were no short or long terms goals. I wanted

Learning to Trust for a Straighter Path

This time of year can be very challenging for many educators as the midpoint of a school year signals time for reflection. For many of us, the pressures can be great as we assess where we are in plans for this year while piling on new preparations for the upcoming year. I have found that often this time of year can prompt educators to question their path as the days are long and the evenings longer. For those lacking balance in all aspects of life, this can be especially troubling. Many conversations in which I am engaged with my peers and teachers with whom I work are toned with strained and confused feelings. I can completely relate! Who can't?! This year is different for me. It is different because my life has begun to take a shape I may have never considered even a year ago. While writing a book on balance with two of my best friends, I have engaged in the process of balancing my own life in very meaningful ways. Each day carries with it a direction, and that focus has been