Learning to Trust for a Straighter Path

This time of year can be very challenging for many educators as the midpoint of a school year signals time for reflection. For many of us, the pressures can be great as we assess where we are in plans for this year while piling on new preparations for the upcoming year. I have found that often this time of year can prompt educators to question their path as the days are long and the evenings longer. For those lacking balance in all aspects of life, this can be especially troubling. Many conversations in which I am engaged with my peers and teachers with whom I work are toned with strained and confused feelings. I can completely relate! Who can't?!

This year is different for me. It is different because my life has begun to take a shape I may have never considered even a year ago. While writing a book on balance with two of my best friends, I have engaged in the process of balancing my own life in very meaningful ways. Each day carries with it a direction, and that focus has been immensely calming even when every aspect of my life is not.
What is my secret? For me, it has become a spiritual maturation that has guided me to trust. As I set out on this 1296th day of running, I was conflicted. There is a leap of faith I am about to take that has me full of peace, conviction, and hope. The conflict comes with the timing, and a lot of my mental energy is tending to be spent on putting a timeline on it. However, today, I was gifted with beautiful reminders and clear direction in the path. Instead of going on the route I planned, I chose to let my path be straight by trusting in the message being sewn into my heart. There is a true clarity when we begin to trust and not always lean on our own understanding or cloud the way with all the scenarios that can play out.

Part of seeking balance is seeking space for reflection and self-care. By running every day and spending time in thoughtful reflection, I am able to glide through this tumultuous time of year and see the joy. It is my true belief that we are capable of doing so when we begin to lean and trust our path.

My greatest hope for all of you out there in a space of conflict is that you consider how you might engage with a trusting heart, lean into the lighted path in front of you, and find the voice calling you to your highest purpose.

Less than one month after my #OneWord2018 came to me, so much has transpired that is clearly part of the path being paved. #RISE has meant working to complete Balance Like a Pirate, co-moderating the amazing #LEADLAP chatsinging at a sporting event, engaging with family more, reaching out boldly to my pastor, finding a convicted voice within my position, bringing important mental health first aid training to my staff, and writing this blog. There are so many more pieces to this beautiful puzzle coming together.

In the upcoming month, I will be part of sharing our message at MESPA Institute 2018, meet Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman, and continue trusting for this path to light and straighten. After all, I could choose to see the image below granted to me this morning with the sun#rise and the lighted path as merely coincidence, but I know better. And in that trust lies peace.


  1. Amen, Sarah! It seems like you and I were both called to blog about a similar topic this week. I just posted mine on "Purpose-driven living within a performance-driven culture" to see this! :)


    Love the resonance and best wishes in the weeks and months ahead!!


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