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1200 Days to a 17 Year Delayed Epiphany

"Joy is still attainable. Search for it as for hidden treasure." Jesus Calling by  Sarah Young Share your story. Tell it.  Simple statements reverberated in quick succession just after I completed my 1200th day of consecutive running. After a streak of such magnitude, most would consider there might be nothing left to discover about self, inner thoughts, reflections, speculating that there must only the hamster wheel, routine thinking remaining. However, my run today was far from mundane and every bit meant to land on this milestone of a day. I didn't even need to Google "Significance of 1200", however, I am also not surprised that after I did, there were sites referencing messages about balance, adaptability, and allusion to the message that it is time to open to new ideas and purpose. Framing up the message a bit, my morning routine switched up, and although I am known for seeking joy, today I began a devotional prior to running. It's message was all a