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A Gift Not Needed But Much Appreciated

"We were doing well until you came along." The comment threw me off tonight as I ran past a duo of ladies walking briskly together. They had been ahead of me for a small stretch, and my internal monologue upon approach was all about how happy I was that they had one another's companionship and how proud of these strangers I felt for getting out there in the 20 degree cold to exercise their lungs. The comment she made was not malicious. I know this. It came from a place of competition, a dark shade of personal inadequacy, a hurt locker of shame. My response? A genuine and heartfelt, "You two are doing great. Enjoy the time together!" I didn't look back to note their response. The interaction prompted me to engage deeply in reflection, and I am thankful for it. See, I do not run for competition with anyone, except maybe myself. There is no judgment when I encounter someone on my path moving slower than I or surge of adrenaline when a person exceeds me. This