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The Call to Leadership--Interview with Joe Sanfelippo

I recently began coursework in a program for an Educational Specialist License in the State of Wisconsin. My purpose in starting is to push myself to grow professionally and take next steps in leadership development. Since I earned my Masters in Educational Administration ten years ago, it felt right to move forward. Though I remain undecided regarding whether or not I would actually pursue this career path, the door will be open should the calling come. It was a pleasant surprise that I learned this call to leadership philosophy is one I share with Dr. Joe Sanfelippo. Though we vehemently disagree on the merits of random bursts of singing, we at least see eye to eye in the passion and the call. As part of my coursework requirements, I was tasked with interviewing a superintendent. While there are several awesome candidates, I was thankful Joe would take the time from his busy schedule to talk with me. The resulting piece is what I wrote after our interview. What better way to make

Personal Lean-In Network--Crossing a Line

"Friendship bears out. It's worth it every time." Shauna Niequist "Can you call me?? I am so worried about Jess and want to do something??" A separate vox came through from Jessica Cabeen after the latest update from Jessica Johnson about her son who had been in the hospital undergoing multiple, traumatic surgeries for a week. That's all it took. My spirit had already been mobilized, longing to do more than offer words of encouragement. Sometimes they just aren't enough, even for the giver.  In the scheme of things, the visit that Jess Cabeen and I made to Jessica Johnson and her son in the hospital is not that grand. We were able to visit for an hour, bring some caffeine, a few comfort items, and share some laughs. Being present to witness Jessica nurture her son, respond to the slightest cue in his voice, eye the nurses like a hawk, and naturally produce a tired and loving smile with each interaction with her boys evoked strong emotion and made

Waking to Dreams--August as a Month of Sundays

We all experience this phenomenon in education. The back to school dreams. They range in vibrancy and meaning. If you are like me, you have experienced dreams filled with anxiety like standing in front of your students and delivering an amazing lesson sans at least one article of key clothing. In others, it is an amalgam of what you experienced that day in a crazy montage of people, places, and words. Last night, I dreamed of walking down the streets of our town with the shop windows taking on a translucency that emanated whispered, dark words while @JessicaCabeen enthusiastically shared her day through my earbuds, and I typed my inservice day plans in notes. I don't need Freud to explain the creepy part was from completing a goal of reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone with my eight year old. Jess is a fixture in my waking dreams, so I am thankful she is a part of the sleeping ones too. Back to school plans are currently taking up 80% of my thoughts. Like clockwork