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Stepping Away in Order to Jump Back In

A year ago I wrote and published my first blog post and believed it was going to be the ignition to the flame of writing that has been an ember inside for my entire existence. Here I sit, almost a calendar year later having no other posts. Why is that? When I review the content of my blog from a year ago, I know the message is right there. There was not enough balance in my life yet. This is the first summer that I have literally stepped away from my job for more than a few days at a time. I mean really taken time off, not just placed it on my calendar and went in for a few hours. Of course, there is always email exchange, but I can truly claim to have stepped away. And it feels so refreshing! In this time away, I have accomplished so much that matters, and by publishing these items publicly, I know that there will not be another year between posts. There has simply been too much growth between.  Spent HOURS with my daughters together and alone. While they are always at the