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Bold and Fearless for Kids

One of the most challenging experiences for building leaders comes when we must take a stand for students when that decision may even go against some of our staff's wishes. I know this as fact because of all the challenges from which I have been able to learn as an administrator, this week has brought that very illustration to life. A proposal for change that is data driven, informed by lengthy review of universal curriculum needs, and aligned with a mission to promote high levels of growth and achievement for all  students is the ground on which I stood. As an instructional leader, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the decision to push forward despite resistance is what is best for our students. To be vulnerable in honesty, this week has exhausted me. However, anything worth having is generally hard fought, and I am posting today to simply remind those who may feel tired as I in leadership to keep being bold and fearless for kids. It is a reminder for myself.

Rising Above Injury

Injury. A word I never throw around lightly and one that has hovered over my head within the past three and half years in various forms of threat. Over time, (1339 days to be exact) my body has demonstrated a miraculous ability to take the pounding of pavement in ways that defy logic. Until yesterday.  As I headed out on my nine mile run, things were seemingly set well. I had left early enough so that I would be back in time to be present as mom while my husband would have the gift of time with his friends. As I headed out the door, I popped on Jen Hatmaker's latest podcast--a highly engaging episode with Jo Saxton on Knowing Your Influence by leading from within. Conditions were perfect, and I had hydrated well enough. My mind was focused mostly on the day's activities after completing the run as I set out and less on the run itself.  Just shy of mile three, I felt the same twinge in my hamstring that I had experienced in the presence of my running partner a few days ea

Lessons in the Leap

Truth bomb: This is a challenging time of year for educators. As I close out this week that started with Parent-Teacher Conferences, a powerful and raw message about the dangers of teen drug use, ACT testing, and a full moon (need I say more educators?), I am thankful in the lessons. I have lost track of the interactions associated with my resignation but have not lost sight of the mission set for the remainder of my time at Spooner High. My reflection tonight is relevant to us all with a hope-filled message to inspire and energize weary souls.  Amidst it all, and I classify "it" as the myriad pressures from every angle at this time of year, my purpose has been the gift of the present. Considering myself lucky to realize that my operations have an expiration date. I only have so many days left with my people. Only so many chances to pour into the students and staff. Only so many more opportunities to light a fire. Only so many moments to endure as some require. Only