Bold and Fearless for Kids

One of the most challenging experiences for building leaders comes when we must take a stand for students when that decision may even go against some of our staff's wishes. I know this as fact because of all the challenges from which I have been able to learn as an administrator, this week has brought that very illustration to life.

A proposal for change that is data driven, informed by lengthy review of universal curriculum needs, and aligned with a mission to promote high levels of growth and achievement for all students is the ground on which I stood. As an instructional leader, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the decision to push forward despite resistance is what is best for our students.

To be vulnerable in honesty, this week has exhausted me. However, anything worth having is generally hard fought, and I am posting today to simply remind those who may feel tired as I in leadership to keep being bold and fearless for kids. It is a reminder for myself.

Several people have reached out to me this week, and the most fortifying was the comment that noted how proud they were that I was still leading boldly even though I am leaving. It was clear to them that my leadership is not dependent upon whims. I cannot tell you how much that comment meant to me.

Administration is very austere. When you are in a situation such as I where you are on your way out, take it from me, it becomes even more so. People detach. They have a variety of reasons for doing so. It would be so easy to give up on taking up challenges during these months. For me, it has been hardest to let some of them go due to a lack of time. I am picking my focal points intentionally and they are heavily focused on students. Our kids need us to be bold and fearless. All of them. Every day.

To quote myself with my resignation post:

I will not take any opportunity to speak grace and truth for granted to leave the strongest impact for our students

It is also important for me to lead boldly and efficiently so that the next person who takes over the building leadership can do so with a graceful and strong transition.

When leadership calls for raising our voices, may we all take up the bugle call and stand on firm ground when necessary. And to remain in balance by keeping perspective about where our energies are draining so we can be filled and not tip over from the imbalance.

I owe a lot to my daughters because their messages fortified me at each book end day of the week. When I got home from a board meeting Monday night, they reminded me of my purpose to #RISE.

On Friday, they both reminded me of how I need to carry myself to inspire. Adelle colored the following for me.

Selene noted that Vice Admiral Holdo reminded her of me. Because she was brave. Fearless. Strong.

The shelter of the way those who see me most clearly with no filter of their own fears or desires grants me strength to know my leadership matters. At home and at work. We must all be bold and fearless for all kids.


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