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#OneWord2019-Time to Slay Some Giants--SLAY

" The stones inside your hand might be small But watch the giants fall."   Francesca Battistelli After a year of #RISE where I learned to speak with purpose and step into my faith, the oneword for this year came to me first as a surprise. Honestly, my initial reaction was that I had already slayed the giant. I faced fear and left my career where I felt safe and purposed, stepping out where not many would go in a leap of faith and trust. Had I not battled through months of giants where I was searching for where God was leading me?  The answer is no. I simply rose.  Of course rising was not simple at all. When I wrote the post about my one word last year, I was full of trepidation to speak so openly about faith, and specifically about the Holy Spirit speaking life into me. After all, I had spent a chapter of my life muting that passion and living out of fear at times.  What if people were offended or started calling me out? Placing myself out there as a