Significance of 1300--Runstreak Wisdom

One hundred days ago, my running streak update was marked by epiphany and began a significant chapter in my life journey. The 1200th day of my running streak prompted some major steps that I have taken to become a better version of myself, and having that to look back has incredible value.

Today was no different, fraught with significance and life journey lessons gifted in what many would consider to be monotony. My calling tonight is to couch my profound truths with a short post.

Remember Gratitude
The sheer ability to get out the door is what keeps my heart pumping with joy regardless of the route, number of miles, or amount of time allotted. These months with no training plan have only one motivation tied to them. For as long as I can and because I can, I will run. Thank God for the grace to allow my body to keep at it.

Growth Is Always Possible
When this streak began, I was using the running as an escape. A punishment even. There were no short or long terms goals. I wanted to be alone and run fast. Over the span of three and a half years of life experienced each day, my goals have evolved, and my purpose changed. Today, my run was for the pure pleasure of being out in nature. I marveled at the sights I was taking in and noted how fortunate I felt to be present to witness the serene darkness and cold snow over the landscape.  Today I run to seek not to escape, and the difference between those two verbs is life altering.

Flexibility Allows Priority to Remain
In these 1300 days, I have run before delivering my brother's eulogy, after birthday parties for my girls, in other states, through the dark of night, during lightning storms, through hale and sleet, in the presence of countless sunrises, and with 102 degree fevers. Allowing myself the grace to fit in my run when the day allowed is what has kept this beautiful streak alive. That has not always been easy. During the phase when I believed I needed it, relegating the run to evening felt torturous. In this space, I take it where I can get it as a true blessing. Choosing priority of keeping this healthy self-care habit has allowed me to run even when conditions were not preferred.

Old Roads Can Still Bring New Lessons
It never fails to amaze me how the same roads can provide the terrain that eeks out my deepest reflections and greatest spiritual assertions. I mean, come on, I have run one particular stretch of road literally hundreds of times. The secret lies in seeking the joy and the treasure in the dynamic surroundings and in my mind rather than the thrill of a new landscape.

Pay Attention to the Dangers, But Do Not Live in Fear
Ok, so I may still be foolish in some of the spaces in which I venture. There are threats surrounding me all the time both human and animal. This morning, my desire to run longer and further led me to a remote space where the very real hissing of a feral animal ran the shivers down my spine, even in the 10 degree weather. I have encountered bear, foxes, coyotes, skunks, dogs, shady vehicles, and all sorts of fear inducing images. However, there are many precautions I now employ that I didn't when I was a rookie. I will not live in fear. Well, except maybe of those skunks.

This blog is surface level to the deep truths that I was gifted this morning, but each bold heading serves as a personal reminder for me. Most deeply true for this milestone is that these 1300 days have guided me to a space that is exactly meant for me in this time of my life. I believe nothing is wasted, and I believe that I needed the 1299 days prior with all of its beauty, pain, challenge, and triumph to get me to what lies beneath the surface of these headings. Each vivid, core vibrating footfall has been meant to grow me into a more balanced, healthy, spiritual, and convicted being.

For followers of my blog and those reading my posts since my #oneword2018, check out one passage from a quick google search: "Significance of 1300." By now, you know I don't believe in coincidence. #RISE

 Trust that the angels are by your side as you go through transitions that will bring you into perfect alignment with your divine life purpose. Use your natural attributes and talents in ways that bring yourself and others joy, enlightenment and upliftment and trust that all is taking place for your highest good.

Here's to every footfall from here leading me to where I am meant to go.


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